About Captains Engineering and Consulting

We are a father and son partnership with broad experience in multiple industries.Open for business and registered in Massachusetts.

Our motto is whether you are seizing a line, dissonant ideas, or just tying-up loose ends there is a step-by-step procedure that bring all the parts into order and in that unity there is strength.


General partner:Capín Timothy M. Johnson, PE

Timothy M. Johnson is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts.He holds engineering, liberal arts, and technology degrees.He recently retired from Wentworth Institute of Technology from their Electrical Engineering and Technology Department after 15 years.A more detailed resume is located here.††


Partner: David N. Johnson

David N. Johnson has 15 years of healthcare industry sales experience including a product launch in the health insurance industry as well as several product launches in the pharmaceutical industry.  David holds a Master of Science Degree in Direct/Interactive Marketing from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from King's College.